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We determine if a lease is the best option for your municipality.

  • While bond issues are an important financing tool, municipal leases (MLs) offer a low-cost flexible option.
  • Municipal lease payments are subject to annual appropriation and so are usually not treated as debt. Choosing an ML avoids a time-consuming and potentially costly election.
  • Municipal lease financing enables you to acquire what you need when you need it and spread the cost over the useful life of the asset.
  • Interest rates for an ML are locked, providing a predictable payment for your budget. Interest rates are also federally tax exempt to investors, resulting in a lower interest rate to you.
  • Down payments are not required, providing you the ability to finance 100% of the asset by using a flexible financing structure that best serves your needs in each situation.
  • Documentation for an ML is much simpler and straight forward, resulting in far lower legal costs.
  • And, at the end of the lease, ownership.

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